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Sunday, 09 June 2013 15:09

Memories of Leoforos

The hearing of the news that Panathinaikos is going to return back home for next season brought back all the faded, but so alive at the same time, memories that I had from our legendary stadium. 

A stadium that’s been sitting there for decades now and some “friends” and foes want to bring down... A stadium that’s not just some bricks that were put together but something much more. So before my move to the US 4½ years ago I decided to spend my whole day to Leoforos and get a good dose of it that I will remember for the rest of my life. The kids had swimming training and a women’s volleyball match that day against Markopoulo (if I remember correctly) made the day more pleasant.

From where to start? From the masterpieces on the walls of Apostolos Nikolaidis stadium? From Tafos tou Indou or from the numerous sports that are under the football stadium’s stands? There’s something magical and mysterious as soon as you enter Tsoha and Panathinaikou streets… You can feel it in the atmosphere; you can hear the whispers coming from the cements and the chills you get in your body. A holy routine that was filling (and will fill once again soon enough) our Sundays. How different we would have been today if there was no Leoforos? It is our home, our school, our escape from the daily problems of life.

From thousands miles away I beg all the brothers who live back home: PROTECT OUR HOME from anyone who wants to destroy us for good and if they dare to come with bulldozers I promise you I will be there with you. SUPPORT Erasitexnis as much as you can. It’s really worth it. Believe me…

Stathis Loukas , NJ  



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