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Sunday, 10 November 2013 16:16

Poulios second best Greek in the 31st Athens Classic Marathon

The historic 31st Athens Classic Marathon took place today!

Set in perfect weather conditions, 17,000 runners from 102 countries created an amazing image in Athens.
The classic Marathons’ start was close to the tumulus erected for the Greek dead of the battle of Marathon1 and finished at the all-marble Panathenaic Stadium, site of the first modern Olympics in 1896.

We at Panathinaikos Supporters Abroad would like to congratulate all runners who participated in the Marathon, especially Panathinaikos A.C runner Constantinos Poulios for having the 2nd best time between the Greek participants (2:25:33).

Other Panathinaikos A.C runners who participated were:
Ioannis Rantos, Pavlos Tzanavaras and Panagiotis Georgoulias.

We wish them all the best in future competitions.

The winner of 31st Athens Classic Marathon was Kenyan Yego Hillary Kipkogei (time: 2:13.50).marathon winner
First Greek Athlete was Christoforos Meroussis (time: 2:24:05).

1Note: In 490 BC, Pheidippides, an Athenian messenger, was the first person to run the 42km distance from Marathon to the democratic city states of Athens and Platea to announce Athens’ victory over Persian Empire soldiers, before dying of exhaustion.

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