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Monday, 22 July 2013 16:59

Tomorrow's Olympians compete on the Palaestra at Ancient Olympia!

Ancient Olympia, Greece on July 21st, 2013.
For the first time ever since the end of the Ancient Olympic Games (393 BC), young athletes competed on the wrestling grounds of the Palaestra in Ancient Olympia, Greece.

Also of historic note two young female athletes who took part in the exhibition, were the first ever female athletes to wrestle at Ancient Olympia.

Wrestling, which is currently under consideration by the International Olympic Committee for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Program, is in need of such initiatives that stimulate the historical consciousness of athletes and fans.
Wrestling is the flagship of the Olympic spirit and it is our duty to rally to keep it where it belongs.
Congratulations to the International Federation for the idea!
We support the global campaign to save Olympic wrestling.
Please support and preserve the history of this renowned amateur division of Panathinaikos AC!

We, as Panathinaikos Supporters Abroad have already expressed our opinion on a previous article:

More information about this event can be found on the official website of FILA: http://www.fila-official.com)

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