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11 May 2013

Who we are

We are a group of dedicated Panathinaikos fans who live outside of Greece and have connected to help the club we love and support. We started gathering on-line to discuss Panathinaikos news and events and shared our thoughts on all the clubs issues. The group grew very quickly just by word of mouth and soon we began to dream of other ways to dynamically help the team. We decided on a website, its concept and goals. Our main thought was because we are so far from Athens and can’t be at the stadium or at the supporters clubs to offer our voice and economic help; we must find an alternative way to help. Panathinaikos Supporters Abroad was our conclusion. After all that’s what supporters are supposed to do, isn’t it?



Mission Statement


• To create a strong and organized nucleus of Panathinaikos fans who live abroad that will actively help the amateur athletic division of Panathinaikos sports club, as well as the supporters club of Gate13 


• To network with Panathinaikos fans all over the world who share a mutual passion for the team


Panathinaikos is not just soccer or a basketball team; it is an athletics club with several teams and athletes in many different sports. 


Since 1908 it has always been about an ideal, a way of life, rich in history and tradition. The club has always strived to make not just champion athletes but also good people and members of society. We concentrate our efforts in helping the amateur athletics side “Erasitexnis” of PAO and the organized fans club Gate 13 (Thyra 13). With our support we can help Panathinaikos teams and athletes with their expenses during these very difficult economic times in Greece. Every euro we raise helps them challenge for individual titles and team championships.


Our support of the Gate 13 fans club, the heart and soul of all PAO supporters who follow the team in every sport and every city, can help with the expenses of maintaining the beautiful three stories building on Leoforos avenue in Athens “kastro”, which is the envy of all Greek fans. All Gate 13 projects are funded by fan memberships. With your help we can do many good things to help Panathinaikos. 


We are of course, a strictly nonprofit group. Every cent we raise from contributions and ads on our site goes to help the causes stated above. We will make announcements letting all our members know how much money we have raised and where specifically it has been donated (which team or athlete) so we can all see and enjoy the positive effects of our contributions. 

This web site will serve as a tool to communicate important information about all the clubs teams and athletes that does not get covered by the mainstream media. 


Our mission and vision is to make a conscious effort to turn those interests into reality. 

Join us, we can make it happen; Panathinaikos is all of us.

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Help our cause keep the amateur divisions of Panathinaikos alive! All contributions are sent towards the amateur divisions of Panathinaikos!
Βοηθήστε την προσπάθεια μας να κρατήσουμε ζωντανά τα ερασιτεχνικά τμήματα του Παναθηναϊκού. Όλες οι εισφορές αποδίδονται στο ολόκληρο στον Ερασιτέχνη!